Made the top ten list of 1 000 Most Influential for 2014 in the London Evening Standard’s Super Smart Set, as well as their list of 1 000 Power List for 2015

Aseem Malhotra, Science Director, Action on Sugar.

Young cardiologist, formerly of the Royal Free London, whose impassioned and articulate campaigning on the dangers of sugar has taken him to Downing Street and into TV studios – as his cross-over appeal sees him double up as a newspaper reviewer. Campaigns for openness in drug trials, in particular on cholestrol-reducing statins, which he says provide no overall benefit to otherwise healthy people.

000 most influential people in London by the Evening Standard
Named one of the 1000 most influential people in London by the Evening Standard

The super smart set: 10 of London’s clever clogs and big brains

Thursday 16 October 2014 10:03 BST

Aseem Malhotra

As science director of Action on Sugar, this media-savvy consultant is waging a war on the white stuff. He argues that too much attention has been on saturated fat, while the dangers of sugar have been under-stated. “I want to pressurise the Government to regulate the food industry to reduce the amount they’re spiking our food with,” he says. “Studies are now revealing excess sugar consumption increases the risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes even in those of normal weight.”