When he is not working as a doctor in the National Health Service, Aseem Malhotra reigns supreme in his fight to raise awareness about the health benefits of a sugar-free diet, maintaining that sugar deserves its reputation as "Public Health Enemy Number 1". His no-holds-barred approach to challenging common health beliefs is proving highly effective in getting medical professionals and social authorities from around the world to sit up and take notice. He is regularly invited to speak at national and international conferences.

Aseem supports studies that implicate sugar as the number one culprit driving obesity, type 2 diabetes and heart disease, and has worked with a leading sports scientist to dispel the myth that links physical inactivity and obesity. The British Journal of Sports Medicine published their editorial providing evidence that sugar and excess carbohydrates were primarily responsible for the global surge in type 2 diabetes and obesity. A subsequent commentary Aseem wrote in the Washington Post had over 1.1 million page views. He has since become one of the leading doctors in the world fighting the obesity epidemic, named on a list of anti-obesity activists that includes Michelle Obama and Michael Bloomberg.

Dr Aseem Malhotra - Jamie Oliver - Steven Gerrard
Dr Aseem Malhotra - Gurinder Chadha OBE

"Aseem has always been a hugely valuable source of information and inspiration when it comes to campaigning on diet related disease."

Jamie Oliver.

"Aseem stands out as the most prolific and passionate campaigner when it comes to improving the nation's health. An avowed foodie and doctor means that he's most definitely one doctor I trust when it comes to medical advice."

Film director Gurinder Chadha OBE.

Malhotra did not stop there. His vested interest in all matters that he believes to undermine the publics' health has even resulted in him challenging the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence's recommendations of prescription of statins for people at low risk of heart disease. This letter was signed by Dr Clare Gerada, past chair of the Royal College of General Practitioners, and by Sir Richard Thompson, the president of the Royal College of Physicians. Malhotra has highlighted concerns that medicine and procedures can be over-sold and under-deliver, and also maintains that most of our nutrients can be delivered more efficiently from food than from supplements. He has been instrumental in bringing the BMJ campaign "Too Much Medicine" to mainstream media. He passionately believes in transparent communication with patients, "shared decision making" and personalised medicine. He was recently lead author on a paper published in the Post Graduate Medical Journal entitled "Right care and high-value cardiology: doctors' responsibilities to the patient and the population."

Aseem has also single-handedly recruited celebrity figures such as Steven Gerrard and Jamie Oliver in his plight to improve school food, and can also be credited with helping bring about the new government policy on Automated External Defibrillators.

Aseem Malhotra has become one of the most influential and effective campaigning doctors in the world on issues that affect obesity, heart disease and population health. This is not just a cardiologist. This is a man who wants to change the world one meal at a time by not just rocking the system but by rebuilding it.

"It is health that is the real wealth, and not pieces of gold and silver." - Gandhi

Dr Aseem Malhotra - Director of Liberty Shami Chakrabarti CBE
Dr Aseem Malhotra - Dr. Robert Lustig

"Vital public health debate is undermined by ignorance and vested interests. In Aseem we have a medical expert, interpreter and advocate not afraid of swapping his stethoscope for a microphone and standing up against misinformation, maladministration and abuse of power."

Director of Liberty Shami Chakrabarti CBE.

"Aseem has been speaking truth to power not in one venue, but rather in three: the sugar myth, the saturated fat myth, and the statin controversy. Most importantly, he represents and strives for the health of the British people, against the special interests that would keep Britain fat and sick. Aseem's voice is the clearest clarion call for change in the British health system today. And I am proud to consider him my good friend."

Dr. Robert Lustig, one of leading voices on childhood obesity and diabetes in the U.S.


Dr Aseem's passion for writing on and researching various health related issues has resulted in a vast quantity of published academic articles in major medical journals, as well as many other public acknowledgments.

  • Founding member and advisor to campaign group Action on Sugar
  • Named on a list of anti-obesity activists that includes Michelle Obama and Michael Bloomberg
  • Opinion-based articles published in The Guardian, The Observer, BBC Online, The Huffington Post, The Mirror, The Daily Mail, Telegraph and The Sun
  • Television appearances on BBC, Sky News, ITV and Channel 4. Doctor Aseem is also a regular newspaper reviewer for Sky News
  • Serves on the external advisory board of Saving Londoners Lives
  • Lead author, with co-author Professor Terence Stephenson, on a blueprint for a British Medical Journal health revolution paper, which made the front page of The Telegraph and The Times, as well as headline news on BBC, ITV and Sky News
  • Writer for the column "Observations from the Heart" in the BMJ
  • Made the top ten list of 1 000 Most Influential for 2014 in the London Evening Standard's Super Smart Set, as well as their list of 1 000 Power List for 2015
  • Made Health Service Journal's Top 50 BME (doctors from ethnic minority backgrounds) for outstanding contribution to health care
  • Youngest doctor to be appointed to board of trustees of UK Health think tank - The Kings Fund
  • Member of the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges choosing wisely steering group, the Greater London Authority Food Board, Cardiologist Advisor in the National Obesity Forum, and Science Director for Action on Sugar
  • The BMJ editorial published in October 2013, in which he busted the myth that eating saturated fats causes heart disease, became of the most influential medical journal articles with over 100 000 downloads. The editorial made front page of three British newspapers, as well as receiving coverage on BBC News, CNN International, and Fox News
Dr Aseem Malhotra - Timothy Noakes
Dr Aseem Malhotra - Professor Simon Capewell

"Aseem Malhotra is unquestionably the world's most passionate and tireless advocate of the low carbohydrate movement. He has a clarity of thinking and expression that is matched by few. He is fearless in his opinion, articulate and eloquent in speech, direct and unambiguous in his writing and unflappable in argument; all because he has such a firm grasp of the science supporting his advocacy. When the time comes to recognise those who have driven the low carbohydrate movement to its ultimate success, Dr Aseem Malhotra will be in the first line of its most honoured heroes."

Professor of Sports and Exercise Medicine, Timothy Noakes.

"Aseem is not only a very gifted media communicator; he is also an extremely intelligent and caring doctor who speaks from the heart on behalf of his patients, your family and mine."

Professor Simon Capewell, Vice President of the Faculty of Public Health.

Dr Aseem Malhotra - Lateline
Dr Aseem Malhotra - Sitting in a newsroom