The truth on what really causes heart disease

Want to know the true cause of heart disease and what lifestyle measures you can do to reduce your risk?

Here’s my BMJ podcast interview with the British Journal of Sports Medicine based on an editorial I co-authored with two eminent cardiologists. In the interview conducted by the editor of the journal Karim Khan I also explain that the statements of many of those criticising the editorial were riddled with factual inaccuracies, intellectual and financial conflicts of interest and pure incompetence.



Summary of discussion:

No association between saturated fats and heart disease in primary or secondary prevention studies.
Focus on sugar –

• CVD mortality has come via the reduction in smoking & trans fats with better acute AMI management.

• Statins have a number needed to treat of 1 in 83 for mortality in secondary prevention in men

• Stents save lives during heart attacks but not for ‘stable’ coronary disease

• PREDIMED and Lyon heart study

• Cholesterol is not the mechanism of action of how diet studies work

• Practical explanation of frying vegetable oils and dangerous omega 6 (high omega 6 to omega 3 is bad)

• Butter and coconut oils have saturated fatty acids and are stable in cooking.

Free editorial in BJSM:…sports-2016-097285

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