‘The Handbook of Health for our Time’ – Mark Hyman

I’m delighted to share that my new health book, The 21 Day Immunity Plan – How to Rapidly Improve Your Metabolic Health and Resilience to Fight Infection, is officially released. It was quite a mammoth task to write in six weeks but with the help of a great publishing team at Hodder, we’ve made it happen.

I’m totally blown away by the reviews and endorsements including a multitude of international scientists, doctors, dietitians and nutritionists.


I share their quotes in full below.


On Sunday The Telegraph newspaper featured it on the front page and I was pleasantly surprised to see it recommended by the editor and chief in his weekly newsletter. I’ve written this not just for individuals to be empowered with information to rapidly improve their metabolic health and to change medical practice but to influence policymakers so that the whole population may benefit.


Get a copy yourself and make your own mind up. Click here for the link! 


Endorsements for Dr Malhotra’s new book, The 21 day immunity plan



Once again, Aseem Malhotra nails it. It’s hard to change your life — but this book gives you all the reasons it’s possible. From the first page to the last, one revelation after another. Reading this book was like a penny dropping — I just kept thinking “of course, of course, of course…”If you are overweight and unhappy about it, Aseem Malhotra is on your side. Not just about what we eat, but about who we are. Brilliant! Far better to read Aseem in this book than end up having to see him as a patient.
~ Jeremy Vine, BBC broadcaster and writer.




“This remarkable book will change your life. Beautifully written, it compiles in one place the health messages we all know make sense. Doctors deal with the diseases caused by years of avoidable damage to the intricate functioning of our body systems. The 21 day immunity plan makes such good sense. Aseem, an expert cardiologist and leading lifestyle advocate has put together an astounding account of how to avoid the real 21st-century pandemic – obesity, metabolic syndrome and inactivity. Sugar, salt, fat and alcohol are the heavily marketed causes of many diseases, suffering and death.

Covid-19 will gradually disappear but the consequences of lifestyle-induced illnesses will continue to cause endless premature deaths. No spikes, no peaks – just a rising tide of avoidable illness. A sensible diet and lots of exercise is cheap and has a far more powerful pharmacology than all prescription drugs put together. This is not alternative medicine selling you a quirky and unachievable package. It’s as mainstream as it gets. Make the decision to follow this plan and you will look and feel better. Only you can make it happen.”
~ Professor Karol Sikora, leading WHO cancer specialist and Founding Dean, University of Buckingham Medical School




“Over three-quarters of the world’s population is likely to be metabolically unhealthy and a diet that’s high in sugar, low-quality carbohydrates and ultra-processed foods is the underlying culprit. Our poor metabolic health, in turn, is responsible for the vast majority of chronic diseases including type 2 diabetes, hypertension, heart attack, stroke and many cancers, and also makes us more susceptible to death from viruses such as COVID-19. In his latest book “The 21 Day Immunity Plan“, Dr Aseem Malhotra has clearly and concisely communicated the science and rationale underlying this preventable modern epidemic and has given us an easy to follow prescription, free from medication, that can reverse many of the world’s ills. It’s a two-hour read that might just save your life…”
~ Dr James Muecke AM, 2020 Australian of the Year




“Metabolism, inflammation, and immunity are three sides of the same coin. Fix one and you fix them all. We’re “sitting ducks” for COViD-19 immunologically because our processed food diet is metabolic “poison”. Dr. Aseem Malhotra offers you a way fix all three at once, and the solution is as easy as your fork.”
~ Robert Lustig, Professor of Paediatrics and Endocrinology, University of California, San Francisco



Campbell Murdoch dr aseem


“Feel good today and increase your chance of living a longer and healthier life. In this well researched book, Dr Malhotra provides the science and the steps for this double win. With the right approach, we can rapidly improve our metabolic health, with improvements such as weight loss and lower blood sugar happening within days. Most importantly the best approach for preventing and reversing disease should be enjoyable and sustainable. Dr Malhotra gives us the blueprint for this with the information and actions we need to take to achieve our goals”
~ Dr Campbell Murdoch, GP (Special Interest in Metabolic Health), NHS England Sustainable Improvement Team – Clinical Adviser, Royal College of General Practitioners – Clinical Adviser




“This game changing book is a must read for anyone wishing to understand the link between metabolic health and immunity. The bottom line: poor metabolic health means poor immune health. The good news is that through simple lifestyle changes one can rapidly improve both within weeks”
~ Dr Ravi Kumar Kamepalli, Board Certified Infectious Diseases, Wound Care and Obesity Medicine, Augusta, USA




“In a time of great uncertainty and feelings of powerlessness in the face of the pandemic threat of COVID-19, Dr. Malhotra gives us back our power. The burden of poor metabolic health, overweight and obesity on our population has left us far more vulnerable to the risks of disease, including COVID-19. The 21 Day Immunity Plan provides a crystal clear roadmap to reverse the roots causes of our poor metabolic and immune health. It is the handbook of health for our time.”
~ Mark Hyman, MD Head of Strategy and Innovation: Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine New York Times bestselling author of Food Fix: How to Save Our Health, Our Economy, Our Communities and Our Planet – One Bite at a Time




“In this remarkable and powerful book, Dr. Aseem Maholtra addresses the core, underlying cause of why we succumb to most illness and disease. The 21-day Immunity Plan will provide you with the optimal diet and lifestyle solutions to protect you and optimize your health. This book is a crucial piece of the health and immunity puzzle that many are searching for – the key to optimizing healthspan and lifespan.”
~ Lori Shemek, PhD, bestselling author of The Ketogenic Key Lori Shemek, PhD, CNC


Award-Winning, Bestselling Author – How to Fight FATflammation (HarperCollins) Bestselling Author – Fire-Up Your Fat Burn! and The Beginner’s Guide to Intermittent Fasting




“Dr Aseem Malhotra spells it all out right here in front of you, with a perfect combination of smart simple strategies for prevention or management of lifestyle conditions and keeping the immune system in best shape: eating the right food, intermittent fasting, moving regularly – ideally outside – getting enough sleep, and using a range of techniques to manage stress. Use this 21-day plan to pave the way for sustained health now and in the future”
~ Dr Caryn Zinn, PhD, Senior Lecturer, Dietitian, AUT University, Head of Research – School of Sport and Recreation, Auckland, New Zealand




“Covid-19 comes as yet another reminder for taking responsibility for our own health. Dr Malhotra is leading the way in changing us from our current system of “sick care” to true healthcare. This ground-breaking book empowers the reader with knowledge of the practical steps we can all take to improve our health status and protect ourselves against diseases of all kinds”
~ Kim Pearson, Harley Street Nutritionist.



“When lockdown happened I was very worried about catching Covid -19. Being a type 2 diabetic with not great glucose control I knew I was high risk for severe infection. Dr Malhotra had advised me in the past to change my lifestyle and food but I was always too busy making films. As studies revealed people from BAME backgrounds were suffering more my young children were worried so I finally decided to do something about my obesity and T2 I immediately took Aseems lifestyle advice, specifically cutting out all sugar and refined carbs and within weeks I’ve come close to reversing my type 2 diabetes. The best part is I was still able to enjoy my food and felt mentally and physically better as my body became healthier. Read this book and follow the plan, it may well save your life’”
~Gurinder Chadha OBE