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Top Dietitians Endorse The Pioppi Diet

I’m delighted to share that two eminent internationally renowned dietitians that I respect for their honesty, courage and devotion to scientific integrity have endorsed my first book, The Pioppi Diet. Given that most Doctors know little about nutrition and most dietitians know little medicine combatting the burden of chronic disease that has brought healthcare to the brink will require collaboration between the two disciplines.
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Good Health Doesn’t Come Out of a Medicine Bottle

I recently saw a lady in her early 60’s who was terrified because her GP had told her that her cholesterol was high. “congratulations” I said, “that will probably help you live longer.” By the end of the consultation she left the room smiling.

A few weeks ago with a number of international researchers I co-authored a paper published in BMJ Open that concluded that not only was there no association with so called bad cholesterol and cardiovascular disease in the over 60’s but a trend to reduced reduction in deaths from all causes the higher the cholesterol. One explanation of our findings is that LDL cholesterol is involved in immune system protection against potentially fatal gastrointestinal and respiratory infections and possibly even cancer.

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Too much medicine is killing us

Last week I appeared on BBC Breakfast news to discuss calls from the UK’s Academy of Medical Sciences for more preventative medicines. In effect more healthy people to be taking medications to prevent the onset of disease. I have no issue with this as a concept but one of the reasons our current healthcare system is close to breaking point is that we have an overmedicated population with a total lack of transparency in the prescription of drugs. Often benefits are grossly exaggerated and side effects underplayed. If I was going to take a pill every day for many years I would want to know what is my actual benefit and what are/how common are the side effects that may interfere with my quality of life?

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