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‘Game changing’ cholesterol lowering drug? NO

Last week myself and a number of eminent doctors ( with no financial ties to the drug industry) wrote to our health watchdog NICE copying in the Secretary of State for Health asking them to immediately withdraw approval of new cholesterol lowering injection drug Inclisiran. We cited 6 main concerns which you can read in full below but most importantly the drug has already been demonstrated in the drug industry’s own clinical trials to NOT prevent a single heart attack, stroke or death in short term trials and long term data will not be available until 2026. So why would NICE come out with such a recommendation? 

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A better way to prevent and reverse heart disease without lowering cholesterol

After 10 years of deep intense research and experience of treating thousands of patients with heart disease I’m pleased to share my third book ‘A Statin Free Life’ is released this week. Yesterday’s Sunday Telegraph has featured a full page interview with me on it  (see the full article below) I’ll be doing a more detailed explanation of why you shouldn’t fear cholesterol and help you decide on an individual level of whether a statin is right for you as well as a better way to beat heart disease over the next few weeks in blogs, videos and direct Q&A via zoom interactions. If that’s of interest to you please sign up & support my work by clicking on this Patreon link. https://www.patreon.com/doctoraseem

By Anna Maxted in The Sunday Telegraph 
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Top Dietitians Endorse The Pioppi Diet

I’m delighted to share that two eminent internationally renowned dietitians that I respect for their honesty, courage and devotion to scientific integrity have endorsed my first book, The Pioppi Diet. Given that most Doctors know little about nutrition and most dietitians know little medicine combatting the burden of chronic disease that has brought healthcare to the brink will require collaboration between the two disciplines.
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Too much medicine is killing us

Last week I appeared on BBC Breakfast news to discuss calls from the UK’s Academy of Medical Sciences for more preventative medicines. In effect more healthy people to be taking medications to prevent the onset of disease. I have no issue with this as a concept but one of the reasons our current healthcare system is close to breaking point is that we have an overmedicated population with a total lack of transparency in the prescription of drugs. Often benefits are grossly exaggerated and side effects underplayed. If I was going to take a pill every day for many years I would want to know what is my actual benefit and what are/how common are the side effects that may interfere with my quality of life?

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