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‘The Handbook of Health for our Time’ – Mark Hyman

I’m delighted to share that my new health book, The 21 Day Immunity Plan – How to Rapidly Improve Your Metabolic Health and Resilience to Fight Infection, is officially released. It was quite a mammoth task to write in six weeks but with the help of a great publishing team at Hodder, we’ve made it happen.

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Too much medicine is killing us

Last week I appeared on BBC Breakfast news to discuss calls from the UK’s Academy of Medical Sciences for more preventative medicines. In effect more healthy people to be taking medications to prevent the onset of disease. I have no issue with this as a concept but one of the reasons our current healthcare system is close to breaking point is that we have an overmedicated population with a total lack of transparency in the prescription of drugs. Often benefits are grossly exaggerated and side effects underplayed. If I was going to take a pill every day for many years I would want to know what is my actual benefit and what are/how common are the side effects that may interfere with my quality of life?

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