Film that cuts through the epidemic of misinformation on diet and health

One of the key reasons I have launched my website and started this blog is to open a channel for clear, concise information that can positively impact the lives of as many people as possible.

If the modern healthcare environment is a thinly disguised marketplace for commercial influence, it is my objective to cut through that with a proven protocol for heart health. It is therefore a great pleasure for me to share with you that on Thursday The New York Times featured one of the most important projects I am presently undertaking.


“The Pioppi Protocol” is a documentary which will deliver an entertaining, step by step guide to heart health for millions of people. To make sure we do that effectively, we are financing the making of this movie independently through a crowdfunding campaign on the Kickstarter platform. This is important to guarantee that there will be no commercial influence on our message – from broadcasters or “for profit” corporations.


I hope you enjoy the article and if you can, perhaps you would consider supporting the project – we have just days left, until October 31st to reach our financial target. If we fail to do so, the movie will not come to fruition.



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