A Book The Food And Pharmaceutical Industries Will Hate

10 years of my own research and investigation combined with my clinical experience with patients has gone into producing my best and most important piece of work to date.

Despite many obstacles in that journey of getting the truth out to the masses including ongoing and persistent attempts from various quarters to destroy my career, (more on that in my next blog) I’m delighted to share that my latest book, A Statin Free Life is now available for pre-order.
Released on August 19th it covers the real root causes of heart disease, saturated fat misinformation, a better understanding of cholesterol and why lowering it may be a very bad idea, the statin scam, what to do about side effects, familial hyperlipidaemia, heart stents, coronary calcium scores, and a better way to prevent and potentially reverse heart disease through specific lifestyle changes.
The book emphasises ethical, evidence based medical practice and is written to educate and empower patients, members of the public, doctors and cardiologists.
It’s undergone extensive peer review from independent medical experts in the field with descriptions such as “game changing”, “excellent” and “flawlessly written” but perhaps more importantly I’ve had very encouraging feedback from respected non-expert lay people too.
Author, TV Presenter and entrepreneur Liz Earle MBE wrote “A thought provoking and engaging book, backed by science for an enlightening read. Packed with detail and references, this is a riveting read for anyone with a heart. The pharmaceutical and food industries will hate it.” 
There’s also some great recipes put together including Mediterranean food from one of southern Italy’s best chefs, and ones of my own.
You can order your copy here and thank YOU for all your support in this ongoing movement towards better mental and physical health for all!